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          FORKCRANE? IS An industrial forklift attachment THAT TRANSFORMS A FORKLIFT INTO A PRECISION CRANE.

          FORKCRANE? is perfect for PRECISELY placing heavy or high value objects, with crane-like accuracy, using any forked industrial truck. 

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          “Forkcrane solves the problem of precisely moving and placing very heavy & valuable items without a fixed overhead gantry system - it works great in warehouses with overhead lifting restrictions and is ideal for hanging our plastic injection molds safer and more efficiently while giving us the agility that is lost with a fixed overhead gantry system.”- Steve McLean, President, WP Manufacturing


          “While changing molds we had a few issues regarding height restrictions and had minimal travel ability on our forklift. When searching online for a solution I came across the ForkCrane and believed this to instantly resolved the issues we were encountering. Their team worked effortlessly with us to determine which ForkCrane would work best for our application and the rest is history. Thank you to Steve and his team of experts for providing us with quality product and the confidence to back it up. We would highly recommend to anyone in the molding industry to give ForkCrane a try. You will not be disappointed!” - BJ Robinson, SRB Technologies (Canada) Inc.



          FORKCRANE? IS RATED TO LIFT up to 8000 LBS. with all-direction precision.

          Construction versions available with up & down only.

          By XYMotion? - The worldwide leader in High Mass Precision Placement & High Value Precision Placement.

          Forklift Attachment Specifications



          Forkcrane? was invented by 2 aerospace engineers to function flawlessy, every time.The technology is RIGOROUSLY tested using trusted methodology. 2 year warranty. Responsive customer support. 

          Hand built, Lean Six Sigma, in beautiful Colorado.



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          Forklift Attachment Applications


          ForkCrane? has capabilities in a multitude of different industries including:



           aerospace & defense



          material handling

          supply chain logistics 


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